Weekly Insights Newsletter – Nobility

Nobility, without virtue, is a fine setting without a gem

Jane Porter

Our meditation journey last week was on Nobility. It was a powerful class where we connected with our true essence within.

Why and how would our true essence within lead to Nobility? Our true essence is free of ego. Which means there are no layers of protection, no programs running us to keep us safe, and we are not driven by fear, greed or power.

We are acting with alignment to our true self, our purpose. In this state, and without ego, we live the virtues of nobility. We treat ourselves and others with dignity and respect. We speak and act with integrity. We remain steadfast to what we know is right. We lead a life of principles and purpose.

Being in this state can certainly be challenging and we can sometimes find ourselves disconnected, unsure of who we are and what we are doing. And that is ok! We are afterall human. It takes conscious awareness and discipline to be aware of our state and adjust.

In our meditation we related to this true essence as a pearl within us. By stopping and bringing our attention to find this pearl we are able to let go of ego and connect to our true self.

Meditation and visulisations are a powerful way to adjust our state and live the virtues of nobility.

We each have a pearl within us. A pearl that contains the universe within it, but in a vibration and form that represents us, our purpose, our nobility. Take a moment now to find the pearl within you.

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