Composure 12th Jan

Our card for tonight’s meditation was Composure

“A composed mind is the composer of one’s destiny”


The first song threw us straight into the chaotic forest of Pandora. A very confronting space with sounds of wildlife screaming around our head, sounds of hunting, sounds of death. We trusted our intuition to guide us through this space, we allowed our feelings and emotions to arise, we sought out refuse.

We began to settle in this place of safety and the next song to play was the mantra “Shivohum” meaning quiet stillness. It was a challenge to find this stillness following the events of the forest and just as we managed to the next song threw us back into chaos.

The song was filled with chaotic banging, screeching, and all sorts of confronting sounds. As part of us tried to run and avoid we were reminded of it’s purpose. To trigger us. To bring to the surface that of which we need to let go of. Trigger it did and we began to allow the emotions and trapped energy to be released from our body.

As each layer released it allowed us to see what was within. We moved our focus to within and connected to the light, the love and the composure. As soon as we did the next song to play was gentle, flowing and full of beauty. We observed the chaos being released seeing it as a beautiful cloud of energy transmuting into light

As the light grew we were guided to explore the possibilities created within this space, to explore our inner essence, to be one with ourselves.

We later returned to the same forest in this new state. The experience completely different. We became one with the forest. Seeing the divine balance, perfection and beauty.

So remember, we need storms in our life. They are an opportunity to clear and an opportunity to connect deeper with our true self, and live life at a higher vibration.

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