Purity 21st December

Our card for tonight’s meditation was Purity

“The body heals with play. The mind heals with laughter. And the spirit heals with joy.”


The music and light language heavily guided the first quarter of the meditation, with the only instruction being to allow yourself to go on a journey.

As the song ended and we reached the end of the journey we were guided to step back, out to a perspective where we could see the pathway and timeline of the journey. From this perspective we pulled the experience up and into a crystal ball.

We held the crystal ball and found a place to sit and hold it. Once seated we gazed into it, able to see everything within the journey in all its detail.

Within the ball we could see flickers of darkness which represented negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, or undesired actions. With the breath we were guided to blow them away.

We continued the process and during this stage the song that played continually repeated the words “deep peace” which certainly became the experience.

The ball became lighter and lighter and we were guided to continue blowing elements away until one last breath blew the entire ball away. What was left was us, just as we began… Pure.

When we become selective of what we blow away we judge, we see impurities and we ‘select’ the purities. What we learnt is the experience and the journey in pure through acceptance.

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