Thankfulness 12th October

Our card for tonight’s meditation was Thankfulness

“To live – to truly live – one must consider each and every thing a blessing.”

Kamand Kajouri

As the music commenced our journey we were guided to listen to it, but not with out ears, instead our body. We tunned in to feel and hear where in our body each tune, each note, each lyric was felt. Anywhere from our toes, fingers, hair, organs or cells, there were no limits

We observed each sensation, as if watching an orchestra play, not influencing it, not changing it, just being present, listening and letting it in.

As the next song came on we were guided to focus on one part, a part of the body where the song resonated the most and invited us in. We connected with this spot and imagined it as a being that we could communicate with.

We started the conversation, giving it space to express what it wanted to and listening with an open heart. We were invited give thanks and gratitude towards it and it’s actions or purpose.

We then asked it what it would like to be thanked and acknowledged for, after it shared we responded by providing thanks and gratitude for each request.

The feeling was amazing, not just for that part of the body but everywhere in our body. Through this connection, through this moment of gratitude, our entire body became connected and the feeling of being seen, being heard and being thanked travelled to every cell.

As the meditation came to an end we were requested to do this activity daily and to consider doing it beyond our body, extending the same practice to our family, to our friends, to our communities, to the world. Imagine what would be possible!

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