Weekly Insights Newsletter – Thankfulness

“To live – to truly live – one must consider each and every thing a blessing.”

Kamand Kajouri

Our meditation journey last week was on thankfulness.

One thing you will often hear from me is the importance of acceptance and trust. I find one of the best ways to accept a situation, outcome or event is through thankfulness. 

When we are able to be thankful for something it automatically triggers our mind to look for reasons why to be thankful. 

Try it now. What is a situation, outcome or event that you are resisting or wanting to change? Now, take 5 minutes to become thankful for it. 

Ask yourself, what are the lessons/blessings/benefits of this situation, how is it helping me or others, what opportunities are available now because of this. 

This is the quickest way I know to turn any situation around! Doing this often instils a sense of trust and knowing that things are perfect just as they are.

Let me know how you go and if you get stuck let me know, happy to jump on a call and help you find reasons to be thankful. 

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