Kindness 19th October

Our card for tonight’s meditation was Kindness

“A problem shared is a problem halved, an acknowledgement shared is an acknowledgement squared.”

Jetha Devapura

As we settled into the meditation, we soon became aware of a tiny light moving around us. Like a little fire-fly, darting and zig-zagging quickly.

The moments of connection with it were fleeting, but we were guided to continue to watch and follow it. We soon fell into synchronicity with the movements of the fire-fly to the point we were not sure who was following who.

The movements became more graceful, slow and steady and soon rested in front of our body in line with our heart.

We took time to observe and connect to the light, marvelling at it’s beauty, purity, love and light.

Our awareness was drawn to the infinite source of energy and light within us. We turned on the tap, allowing the energy to flow through our arms and hands and into this spark of light to expand it.

We were asked to think of someone and visualise them. With this other person in sight we were invited to send this ball of light to them, reaching just within their field and with an invitation for them to draw it in and use it as they need.

We watched as they welcomed the light in filling them with love, joy and kindness. In turn we also felt this love, joy and kindness within ourselves.

As the meditation drew to a close we became aware of the hundreds and thousands of fire-flies that surround us. Always there, always present and ready for us to connect, to share our light and send it to someone or something.

Who can you send light to right now? Give this process a go, it is powerful.

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