Group Meditation

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Joining Anthony’s group meditation is an opportunity for you to stop and go within. Within you is an infinite source of wisdom, love, healing and inspiration. Within you lies the power to make a difference!

You will connect with people just like you who are on their spiritual journey within. People who are open, generous and welcoming.
Distance is no barrier with the online meditations. We have people from all over the world who join and occasionally people will have shared experiences or connect with each other during the meditation!

People experience personal transformation, healing, insights, bliss, calmness, purpose, and even a better night’s sleep.

Whether online or in person, Anthony will guide you on a unique meditation journey. Each session is about an hour long and includes the following parts:

Character Card

At the start of each meditation a character card is picked at random from 120 cards. This card sets the theme for the meditation journey. Often first impressions on the theme will be discussed so that participants can reflect on the meaning they give to the theme and learn how others might interpret it differently. The theme always seems to be relevant to the participants’ current situation. After this short discussion the meditation starts….


The meditation starts with music. Anthony’s meditations are guided by the music that is played during the meditation. He has a playlist of 800 tracks that is randomized during the session, meaning that he cannot predict what comes next, but he finds that the meditation always fits in perfectly with the journey of the meditation at that time. The music enhances the experience and guides the meditation journey.

Guided Meditation

Anthony has a calm voice and energy that guides you on a journey that could be through space or maybe a beautiful place in nature. He uses his silence as much as he uses his voice so that you can follow your own intuition. Anthony is an experienced healer and brings this healing energy subtly into each session. Each session is unique as Anthony tunes into the collective energy of the group, the universe and source to deliver the guided journey.

Group discussion and sharing

Once the meditation comes to an end, there is an opportunity for the participants to share and discuss their experience. Sharing and discussion is so powerful! It opens participants up to the variety of experiences others have, validates their own experience and helps discover more about their own meditation through hearing other’s experiences.