Reliability 1st September ’22

Our card for tonight’s meditation was reliability

“Reliability counts most when it’s hardest to deliver” – ShareTree

Our journey began slowly and peacefully, guided by light language and the vocals of the songs that played.

We were asked to become aware of what we bought into the meditation, where we were and what surrounded us. As we looked around we became aware of the vast ocean that surrounded us. It’s like we were stuck on an island in the middle of a large ocean, with all our ‘stuff’

As we gazed out into the ocean we found ourselves drawn towards a certain direction and as we thought about what was out there and the desire to go towards it, a sailing raft appeared. A little hesitant at first, we made our way to the raft. A gentle breeze blew around us in the direction of where we felt we needed to go. We stepped onto the raft and the wind quickly picked up and carried us out to sea.

The island we left behind with all our ‘stuff’ began to shrink as we sailed away, it looked as if it was being engulfed by the ocean as she washed away our past.

The conditions of the ocean appeared different for each of us. Some gentle, some wondering and others through a storm. No mater what the conditions were, we felt calm, present and trusting in the reliability of our intuition and the universe to take us where we needed.

As we looked towards the horizon we saw the sun approaching and rather than disappearing beneath the horizon it began to slip along the surface of the water. Quickly the sun appeared as a circle on the ocean surface, large and filled with bright white light.

We drew closer to it and very quickly found ourselves in the middle, completely surrounded by white light and to the point it felt like we fell into the centre of the sun.

In this space all that existed was this light. The raft was gone, our body was gone, our attachments gone… Only light could exist. A place of nothing and a place of infinite possibility.

We were invited to create freely in the light. Creating without our past, without our beliefs, but rather with purpose and authenticity. Anything and everything was possible.

Our journey was coming to an end though, within this space we were guided to find a physical representation of ourselves. When we found it we connected and a vortex began to draw in the light and our creation, bringing it all back into our body and physical world. As it did we were reminded of our body and the realm it existed within. We slowly and gently came back into our physical form as we raised our vibration to match this new creation bringing with us the possibility we discovered.

What would be possible for you if you created not from your past or your beliefs but from purpose and authenticity?

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