Leadership 17th August ’22

Our card for tonight’s meditation was Leadership

“True leadership comes from inspiring others to lead themselves.” – Parth Bommakanti

Our journey began with the sounds of footsteps walking on a gravel path. We saw ourselves walking this path, unsure at first where it was heading, but experiencing a feeling that it was right.

As we continued along this path we began to enquire as to the destination. Asking ourselves what would it look like, how would it sound, what smells would be present, who would be there and how would we feel.

At a certain point, just as the music changed to the next song, we had an opportunity to stop and turn around. Behind us we discovered followers walking in our path, trusting in us and the destination.

We continued to walk and now including others in the conversation as to what lay ahead for us. We were asked, if there was one word that would describe the destination what would it be. Once we discovered this word the new world, the destination, began to take shape and appear. We reached the destination and all those who followed were free to explore it with us.

As we explored and connected to it, we searched for the lessons, the parallels and connection to our own physical world. For everything in this place was our creation and in some way a representation of who we are.

We soon found our physical body and the room where we each began the meditation from. We moved towards it and connected allowing our energetic form to flow into our physical form, bringing with us the lessons, the vision and our leadership.

Leadership shows up differently for each of us.

We are all leaders and we are all followers.

Trust the path you are walking, acknowledge your leadership and believe in your vision!

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Photo by Gabriela Palai
Character Card By ShareTree

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