Anthony has been a student of many teachings and is constantly learning to develop himself using different modalities. From engineering and business improvement to personal development and healings for himself, Anthony brings all of his knowledge to the healing table and is learning to listen to his intuition and the healing energy more and more.

Anthony uses a form of energy healing called Sekhem to find the root cause to the problem and to allow your higher self to work through it. This form of Sekhem was developed by Helen BelĂ´t from Ancient Egyptian healing energy systems for the modern day.


Sekhem is intelligent and powerful but gentle, loving and compassionate energy. It brings about positive change in the physical mental, emotional and spiritual levels in a supportive, loving and compassionate way. Changes happen without trauma and drama for they bring a knowledge and certainty of the rightness of the changes and changed way of thinking for it does not work on symptoms but on the very deep underlying cause (

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