Anthony Hudson is the CEO and founder of Why Within, an organisation that helps people discover who they authentically are by shaping their journey of mindfulness through meditation. He enables you to be free of your constraints and to live at the fullest expression of who you are. By hearing what you feel, seeing what you need and supporting your life’s journey right now, he teaches you how to be your authentic self.                                     

A mechatronics engineer and entrepreneur in human performance, he specializes in a balance of spirituality and logic that empowers communities in personal growth, discovery, wellbeing, productivity and much more. Combined, Anthony co-wrote “Our Infinite Power to Heal.” which debuted 101 inspirational stories from everyday people, detailing profound every day healing is possible.

A recognized speaker on personal growth and transformation, Anthony’s mission is to revolutionize the global wellness system by creating new models of enhancing human potential with wonder, empathy, and purpose.

Anthony has conquered his own health challenges and faced much adversity. On a mission to share his techniques on human behavioural performance, his audiences are challenged to lean into their story, dig deep and live a life with passion. Focused and clear Anthony unlocks greatness and has consulted to many businesses to increase performance excellence across teams such as Woolworths, Jetstar, Kmart, Cleanaway, and dozens more.

Anthony lives in Coburg, Melbourne, with his wife, Bryley, and is on a mission to empower, heal, laugh, and guide you to fully discover who you are and how to embrace guided meditation.