Hi I’m Anthony,
You probably had a small taster of my meditation at Zenith’s Wine & Shine event.
Hope the meditation was able to help you relax and set the tone for you to connect with others, engage in meaningful conversations and maybe even start collaborations.
If you’re interested in experiencing more of my meditations, please consider some of the options below.

5 Day meditation challenge
To get a feel for my meditation style in your own time, this challenge uses Olly, our Facebook messenger chat bot to set you up for success by sending you a 10 minute meditation every day for 5 days. You chose what time you would like to do the meditation each day, and it will guide you through the challenge.

Free first group meditation
I run a weekly group meditation class online through Zoom where we go on a journey of the mind, guided by a theme chosen at the start and inspired by music that plays throughout the 1 hour class. At the end participants can share their experience and what insights they gained related to the theme of the meditation.

30min discovery call
Are you interested in having me do a meditation for an event, or would you like to bring connection, mindfulness and wellbeing into your workspace by having regular meditations for you and your colleagues? Feel free to book a call with me to discover how I can tailor my services to meet your needs.