Weekly Insights Newsletter – Tolerance

Our card last week was tolerance. An interesting one for me as I was sick for a few days last week, stuck in bed, and frustrated that I was unable to what I wanted to do. I knew my body needed rest and it really did come at the perfect time as there was no critical deadlines, however I was still frustrated and my tolerance to it at first was rather low lol.

What I learnt in our meditation journey last week is that we can’t always change or control what shows up around us. We can however change and choose how we react and respond. When we detach from our emotions, when we accept what is around us, we become empowered and free to choose.

So last week when I was sick in bed, I felt into the emotions of frustration. I allowed myself to see it, to feel it, and to connect. I gave myself permission to have these feelings accepting them for being there. After that it’s like they just disappeared. As if it was just wanting to be heard and acknowledged. Once I did I was able to fully rest and recover, which no doubt lead to a quicker turn recovery.

Emotions are important. Holding onto them and how we respond to them is a choice. What are you choosing today?

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