Weekly Insights Newsletter – Reverence

“Affirmation of life is the spiritual act by which man ceases to live unreflectively and begins to devote himself to his life with reverence… To raise it to its true value.”

Albert Schweitzer

Our meditation journey last week was on reverence. It has been one of my favourite cards ever since I first found the characters cards from ShareTree, and if I could sum up Why Within in a card it would be reverence.

The card opens with, “Reverence is living with an awareness that there is something greater around us and that all life is precious. We open ourselves to experience faith, love and deep respect for the mysteries and wonders of life.”

Whenever I run meditation or healing sessions I am reminded that life sure is precious and that there is, without doubt, something greater around us. The synchronicities, the deep connection and the most awe inspiring and transformative journey’s we go on leave me speechless and with great respect of life.

The more I trust and surrender to this greatness the more life flows with beauty, ease and abundance.

It is a journey though, and I am after all, still human. Like you, I have days where I resist, days where I try to control or force life a certain way, days where I get stuck over analysing a particular situation or outcome, and days I just want to hide or run away. 

What helps me reduce the time I spend stuck in these states is meditation. Whether that be in my special meditation chair, sitting under a tree, or with my feet in the creek. Meditation allows me to stop, to step out of the situation, and to reflect with reverence.

What is something you can do daily to nurture your inner life?

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