Weekly Insights Newsletter – Reliability

What would be possible for you if you created not from your past or your beliefs but from purpose and authenticity?

Our meditation last week was doing just this. Letting go of beliefs, programs and fears then stepping into pure light and creating from nothing.

To get there we needed to trust and listen to our intuition. Our intuition is reliable. What get’s in the way is our ego. Our ego is our beliefs and programs that have been created at some point for the purpose of keeping us safe. 

We need these programs, we need to be safe, however the program that we created when we were 6 no longer applies to us today. We need new structures.

It takes work, discipline and consistency as there are many layers of self. I myself, have just spent the last couple of weeks letting go of a few big layers. During this process I felt lost and confused, but consciously I reminded myself that it is ok and the experience is part of the process. I trust the process. I trust myself. I focus on what I need right now and take each step as it comes.

Wherever you are on your journey it is perfect. Acknowledge where you have come from and what is available to you right now. Trust the process. Take time to go within and listen.

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