Weekly Insights Newsletter – Leadership

What does leadership mean to you? Where to you show up as a leader?

Leadership for me is walking our path and trusting that it is the right one. Along our journey we get glimpses and insights into what lays ahead, we receive guidance to correct our path and when we listen life flows like magic. We attract those into our life and path who are aligned to where we are headed, they follow our leadership and support us as we support them. 

We are all leaders. Leaders of our life. We are the only one who can lead our life. For some this leadership extends beyond ourselves and into work, community, family or social groups. 

We each express leadership differently and we need to. It is what makes us unique and what forms common goals and a healthy balance. When we can acknowledge our leadership we see it and it grows.

Take time today, right now, to acknowledge your leadership and how it shows up.

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