Weekly Insights Newsletter – Accountability

Are you accountable for every decision you make?

Our meditation journey last week was on accountability where we were guided to plant seeds and create a forest. There were no instructions or guidelines as to what the seeds were, or how to plant them. We needed to trust our judgement and our intuition to plant them. 

Sound familiar?

Our life is filled with making choices or going a certain direction without having any instructions and without knowing how things are going to turn out.

Sometime the choices we make don’t lead to the outcomes we want. This can bring up all sorts of emotions… Denial, anger, disappointment, sadness, blame and so on. When we focus on these negative emotions we become stuck and left with no power to do anything. 

Empowerment comes from our energy and our mindset. By being accountable for every decision means we accept whatever the outcome is. When we accept the outcome we become open to explore what the benefits are of the outcome. For example, the outcome may teach us something, it may build resilience or grit, it may provide confirmation of a path once questioned. There is always something… I guarantee it!

Once we see the opportunity we can make a new choice and move forward with power, confidence and purpose.

So if and when you find yourself with an outcome that is not desired or a situation to which you are not owning, I encourage you to stop. Take a step back. Be accountable for what is showing up. And then ask yourself why. Look for the lesson, look for the benefit, look for the define perfection in what is now. You will always find something, something that is an insight into the true you.

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