Weekly Insights Newsletter – Acceptance

Where are you right now? Are you present or are you stuck in the future or the past? Bring yourself back to this moment by acknowledging what you can be grateful for.

Something I have often struggled with is presence and acceptance. I find myself looking into the future to ‘figure’ out what it will be and how to best position myself to get there and get what I want or need.

The problem with this is when I’m looking into the future I am not present. When I’m not present, I’m not accepting what is now. So where and when am I actually living? and what am I missing out on?

My awareness and response certainly has improved and when I find myself stuck in thinking of where I’m going, I remind myself to be present to what I have now, to be grateful for it, and to acknowledge the perfection.

It certainly can be a challenge, but when I am able to do this the future doesn’t matter and I am reminded that I’m exactly where I need to be. I am able to experience everything I have with gratitude. I am able to experience love from others and love towards myself. I am able to live with purpose.

When I’m in this state anything and everything is possible and rather than seeing or predicting, I am creating.

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