Tolerance 22nd August 22

Our card for tonight’s meditation was Tolerance

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves” – Carl Jung

Soon into our journey we found ourselves looking deep into space through a worm hole. The sides of the tunnel we bright with light swirling as it flowed and drew us in. We stepped into the worm hole, allowing it to take us on a journey.

All we could see at the distant end of the tunnel was darkness, the void. Our focus was instead shifted towards what was behind us and around us, observing what we bought with us. There was no intention nor instruction to bring this stuff with us, but it was there. We were guided to observe it without judgement, without analysis and without understanding. Just observing.

We soon began to become aware of something else. Something within us. It was our emotions, our reactions to this stuff we bought with us. We were guided to bring our awareness to it, again observing without judgement, without analysis and without understanding. Just observing.

Once we were able to observe and be with what was within us we could see it as an object. With this object we were able to grab hold of it, touching it, feeling it and seeing it. We held it out in front of us as we observed it closer and with a deep breath we blew love and light into this object. Then, everything changed. As if it all just disappeared and all that remained was our light, our love, our truth.

In this new space we were free to create. In our creation we found our physical body and allowed our energetic self to return, gracefully and gently flowing back into our body bringing with it the lessons and healing.

What I learnt from this meditation is that we can’t always change or control what shows up around us. We can however change and choose how we react and respond. When we detach from our emotions, when we accept what is around us, we become empowered and free to choose.

An interesting message that came through was “If you recognise the memory of the earth you may receive it’s messages” What do you think this could mean?

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