Reverence 19th September ’22

Our card for tonight’s group meditation was Reverence

“Affirmation of life is the spiritual act by which man ceases to live unreflectively and begins to devote himself to his life with reverence‚Ķ To raise it to its true value.”

Albert Schweitzer

Most sessions always have an amazing ability to flow but tonight’s sure was exceptional. The songs that played and timing of them flowed beautifully. The message I got was wow, I need to bring this to more people.

We began our journey allowing the music to bring us to the present moment. We soon found ourselves on land and as we looked ahead we saw a very large hole in the ground. As we approached and looked down we discovered it was a cave.

The cave was calling to us, inviting us in. As we looked for a way to enter we found stairs carved into the perimeter. Drawn into its wonder with curiosity and awe we began our journey down and into the cave. A journey in itself that lead us to the bottom where we found a sandy beach.

We walked through the sand, feeling it move between our toes, grounding us in this moment of beauty. Ahead, was a lake of water, glistening a beautiful shimmer of blue light and reflecting the last of the suns rays onto our face.

We stepped into the water, instantly feeling it’s cleansing power. We continued to enter the water, deeper and deeper. The water washing away our fears and what did not serve us, as it cleared our field and was transmuted back into this clear, crisp and shimmering blue water. 

We took a deep breath in and fully submerged into the water. Beneath the surface we were taken deeper into a whole new world. The light from the sun no longer able to reach us, the darkness was lit with bright shimmering blue light. A shimmering blue light that we soon discovered was the reflection of our light.

We continued to float on our back and drift on the surface of the water. As we looked up to the ceiling of the cave into the shimmering blue light, we were told there was a message for us and were guided to take time to contemplate, reflect, and observe the reverence in this light.

The water and the light soon picked up pace, taking us further until we exited the cave, finding ourselves in the middle of a lake. It was shallow enough for us to stand. Around us we found an expression of ourselves and our true value. With this realisation the space began to morph and expand as our creation birthed life.

Within this creation we were drawn to a window. It looked familiar. As we got closer we discovered it was the window to the room where we started the meditation journey and inside we saw our body. Our body appeared differently, vibrating at a higher frequency, a sign that something had shifted and the essence of ourselves being expressed in it’s truest form. We flowed into the room and into our body like the light from the sun.

We awoke, reborn.

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