Nobility 28th September ’22

Our card for tonight’s group meditation was Nobility

Nobility, without virtue, is a fine setting without a gem

Jane Porter

Our journey started with a slight denseness as we tuned into our energy. We began to let things flow and let them go and the density quickly began to soften and lighten. As it did, it revealed our light within, a ball of light, like a star.

When we became just light, and nothing else, we turned our attention onto the surroundings. Each of us saw something different and we allowed ourselves to explore the space, and connect with what we found.

We were asked to consider that everything within this space was an element of ourselves. With this consideration we continued our exploration to learn what it meant and with each connection we became one.

The space was thinning out and ahead of us saw a very large ball of light, much larger than anything we had encountered. So large it’s gravity pulled us, and everything around us, in. Flowing in faster and faster until boom, we entered, instantly becoming one with it.

The journey continued. We travelled further into the centre of this ball of light and once we arrived we discovered a small pearl. We reached out and grabbed the peal and as we did everything disappeared leaving just our energetic self holding this pearl.

This pearl represented us. Us in our most purest essence and form. We took time to connect, to feel, and to be one with this pearl and everything it meant and represented. The feeling was indescribable.

We began to fall with this pearl back towards our body, indicating the meditation was coming to an end. We entered our body through our crown and travelled to the centre of our heart. When we arrived the essence of the pearl spread with light throughout our body as we healed and transformed.

We each have a pearl within us. A pearl that contains the universe within it, but in a vibration and form that represents us, our purpose, our nobility.

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