Anthony Hudson is a holistic healer who after overcoming Narcolepsy, felt empowered to create a paradigm shift in the way the world looks and treats illness and disease. Anthony helps people and organisations become free of their constraints to live the fullest expression of who they are.

Anthony’s skills as an engineer and a holistic healer helps people to see their true selves through their personal challenges, passions and defining moments enabling them to live their authentic self.

With over 15 years’ experience in optimising organisations people and processes, including Jetstar, Ford, Toll, and Woolworths, Anthony discovered that whether working with an individual or a large organisation the process is the same. That is to have a holistic view using the symptoms or problems as a guide discovering the underlying root causes. By addressing and healing the causes, people and organisations experience an everlasting transformational shift to improved performance or quality of life.

Anthony is a humble and unique individual who sees the bigger picture yet dives into the detail along with communicating effectively to everyone throughout the business. This results in the most effective optimisation programs with dramatic shifts in culture.

For Anthony “There is no greater joy than shifting someone’s perspective, opening the door to a reality they did not know was possible and watching them taking action and making it a reality”

By 2030 Anthony aspires to lead the world’s most influential self-healing organisation containing a library of over 1 million stories of people who have overcome their illness to discover and live who they really are.