Accountability 5th September ’22

Our card for tonight’s group meditation class was accountability

“To be what we are and to become what we are capable of becoming is the only end in life”

Baruch Spinoza

Our journey started gently. Allowing our breath to be slow and steady as we let go of the day and became present to our meditation journey.

We soon found ourselves standing in a field that stretched beyond to the horizon. The field was mostly bare, just dirt and some grass. As we looked down we found wrapped around our waste a pouch. As we opened it to discover what was inside we found seeds. Hundred of them. All different colours, shapes and size.

Before planting them we took time to connect. Connecting first to Mother Earth and seeing ourselves grow roots deep within her core as we felt her support, her love and her wisdom. We then tuned into the pouch of seeds, feeling into their purpose. As we looked to the field we began to see how it could look after planting these seeds.

We stood up and began planting. Each person with their own technique. Not knowing what each seed would turn into or how it would grow with it’s neighbouring seeds. We trusted our intuition and let them flow as we planted them far and wide.

Quickly the seeds began to sprout and grow. As they did the next song to play was perfect. An extract of the lyrics being:

“Rise up from the ashes you decide which way to go, either up, down, or side ways, then you’ll need to know. You will rise, like a flame, rise live again.”

We took a moment to pause planting and to be with our creation. Witnessing what had grown. Being fully accountable to what we had created even though we had no idea what the seeds were. We accepted what grew well, what did not, what plants attracted and which repelled. We saw within all this though a beauty and perfection.

We looked into our pouch and found just 6 seeds left. We tuned into them and into the forest, listening to the guidance within we went out and planted the last few seeds. We watched them grow quickly and took time to further witness our creation.

We learnt that we are responsible and accountable for every part of this forest. Every plant, every life. As we become present and walked through it we discovered this same creation bearing fruit, bearing seed and giving opportunity to further grow and expand.

We were asked to consider that if this forest is our life, representing this moment in time right now, how and where would we plant the new seeds. How will we acknowledge what we have and how will we share it.

We found a spot within the forest to lay down. Connecting again to earth and becoming aware of our physical body again. Bringing with us our experience, lessons and the seeds for new growth.

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