Acceptance 14th September ’22

Our card for tonight’s group meditation class was acceptance

“The greatest gift that you can give to others is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance”

Brian Tracey

Our journey had a slow start. We allowed our thoughts to flow like a stream of consciousness. Resisting the need to analyse and add meaning, just letting it flow.

Then suddenly, we had to stop and focus in on the thought that was present at that moment. As we focused in, the thought became clearer. For some it was a memory of the past, for others something anticipated in the future.  What ever it was, it was perfect, and exactly what we needed to see.

Our first temptation was to make changes, however we could not. Roots quickly grew from beneath our feet an into the Earth holding us in this moment. We felt the light and wisdom from Mother Earth as her energy flowed through our body reshaping us like a tree. We were unable to interact with the situation, only observe.

We came to accept our situation and as we did we also began to accept the moment we were observing. As we did it was as if the situation changed, we began to see things that we didn’t see before. We discovered lessons, we saw the gifts and understood it’s divine perfection.

Soon after we began to grow branches that reached out into the moment. Each branch bearing fruit. Fruit available for the picking from those in the moment. This fruit contained the wisdom we gained from the experience and the gift of being rooted in the moment to observe and accept.

One by one the fruit was picked and the situation continued to morph and grow. We became present to love and beauty.

The trees became bright, filled with particles of light. The particles of light slowly started to drift apart, falling to the Earth, following the roots. Mother Earth collected this energy and channelled it back to our physical body. Bringing with it the lessons of the meditation.

What moment in your life are you resisting or wanting to change? What would be possible if you stood like a tree, observed newly, and accepted everything as it was? It takes courage but the reward can be life changing.

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